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Welcome to this web section that displays some of StarStuffs computer artwork that is full of positive, colorful and uplifting art. Programs that are used include Bryce, Poser, Paintshop Pro, Adobe CS and various fractal programs with a dash of fun, creativity and imagination.

You will find a collection of interesting images including a variety of animals and strange landscapes along with geometric and abstract art. Some of the images are spiritual based and are used to aid in spiritual healing while others show a more science side. I invite you to exercise your visionary thinking to embrace aspects of yourself that you may see in the midst of the patterns and hues of nature and the super-natural images continued herein.

Over the years, I have created many pictures that have become my favorites. One of special note are the two Phoenix images, partly due to the symbology of the creature, but also the hours it took to make the feathers and place each feather in its exact place. Another favorite is "Soul Mates" in the Wolves section, one looks female, the other looks male, however they are the same animal. I love wolves so it was natural to create such.

I do hope you will find something of interest as you stroll through the artwork halls. Perhaps you will discover a favorite as well?

Love and Light,

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