Animal Totems: Dictionary of Reptiles
written by StarStuffs ©


Animal Totems: Dictionary of Reptilesby StarStuffs

There are many animal kin listed here, many of which are not found in other websites. All the information contained herein is written by me upon contemplating the animal. The following is an extremely brief overview of some animals and their reflective energies. Above all learn to listen to your heart and hear your intuition in discerning your unique relationship with an animal totem. No one can give you the answers to your personal pathway and the connection to the animals that come to you. This web site encourages you to awaken your self by tapping into your own wisdom.

There are a wide variety of animal dictionaries available in bookstores, from Audubon's field guides to the mysticism/occult. Among the countless sources of information, this is to acquaint you with some of the qualities of our animal relatives.


Creation/destruction, birth/death, beginning of a new period and the death of the old, knowledge is transformed by a new level of growth, hidden wisdom awaits. Alligator can teach you ancient knowledge that is currently hidden and gives strength to create your own opportunities. These guardians and protectors of wisdom will show how to move in the waters of the Self. Are you seeing things as they are and not what they appear to be? Are you consumed by the knowledge you are becoming unbalanced with meditation and quiet time? Alligator's breathing awareness will help in balancing out transformations.[Images] [Listen]


Chameleon teaches how to show true colors of the self in your environment and in your sincere emotional nature. Quickness, sharpness in endeavors. Shows how to be tough on the outside with emotional/spiritual/mental armor along with facing one's fear. The mind and intellect can be used for defensive purposes in which Chameleon will show how to strike when necessary with discernment and patience paired w/ intuition. This animal shows a talent of adaptability to the environment and surroundings. Are you easily influenced by others, perhaps it's time to speak your mind? Do you absorb too much from others, maybe it is time to learn proper defenses? Chameleon can teach the art of sensitivity and independence to master changes of the mind, body and spirit. Demonstrates rejuvenation time. Listen carefully to your intuition and inner sight. (see Lizards)[Images]


Shows how to be out-going with tact and how to cope and overcome obstacles, he will show how to let go of old outdated perceptions to make room for the new. Gecko can teach how to maneuver in this transition phase of mental, spiritual and emotional death and rebirth. He will show how to emerge successfully in this spectacular change within your Self. When Gecko appears it is also a time to pay attention to dreams and visions for he will show how to shift and molt perspectives. Are you holding too tightly to current perceptions and ideas? Are you balancing your emotion and mind? Gecko can show how there is regeneration in life's endeavors by listening to this inner guidance so one can find balance in this transition time.[Images]


Take a higher perspective in matters, blending one self into situations and in environments, can deal with emotions and physical attributes relating to food and exercise. Attention to routine for best health. Do you absorb too much from others, maybe it is time to learn proper defenses? Chameleon can teach the art of sensitivity and independence to master changes of the mind, body and spirit. (see Lizards)[Images]


Teaches listening to intuition in dreams, visions and perceptions throughout the day. Be aware of the emotions surrounding your impressions. Aids in illuminating fears and doubts and how to change them. Lizard can teach about objective and compassionate detachment. Do you need time to rest and relax or step back from a situation? Is it time to move forward? When lizard appears, listen carefully to your inner guidance of feelings and emotions. He will give strength in taking the next steps.[Images]


Shows how to have patience in waiting and moving slowly in actions and thought. It is time to be more aware of the environment along with dreams and visions associated with such. Salamander teaches to utilize inspiration and ideas. He aids in renewing and reenergizing for forward motion, teaches knowledge in understanding emotional sensitivity, shows how to watch and listen, observe and reflect then act appropriately. Are you in the present moment? Transformation takes patience, are you exercising yours? Salamander will show how to bring all the above qualities into physical reality with grace, harmony and balance, even in the face of any perceived adversity. [Images]


Rebirth, wisdom, fluidity, wholeness, transmutations, sexuality, look for transitions, changes and new opportunities. Creative forces are awakening with heightened intuition. Snake can teach about shedding what is not needed; perceptions, attitudes, ideals. Snake shows how to access vitality, ambitions and dreams along with intellect and personal power. What things are surfacing that you need to strike out and take advantage of? Perhaps a time to rest and reflect? Listen to your intuition and visions at this time. Contemplate the colors, striking ability and activity of the snake type to further understand what snake is saying.[Images] [Listen]


Tortoise teaches grounding and patience and represents longevity and wisdom. He demonstrates how to shield and protect what is important from feelings and emotions to work and family. Tortoise shows the importance of contemplation and discernment before taking action. Teaches how to maneuver in the physical with patience and tenacity. He can reflect a time period that will be lasting so patience is needed. Tortoise is about grounding with the earth and keeping your feet on the ground.[Images]


Longevity, endurance, survival skills, patience, stimulates hearing on both the physical and spiritual levels. Teaches on an emotional level to reach within to find answers, shows how to navigate the spiritual while using protections and defenses in both worlds. Are you listening carefully to others? Let Turtle help you decide to take time to slow down or perhaps to pick up the pace a bit. He can teach how to maneuver in the emotional world. The art of movement or non-movement is stressed. Is it time to remain quiet and contemplate or time to move forward? Turtle will guide you in understanding. [Images]


"Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of the earth. We learn to do what only the student of nature ever learns, and that is to feel beauty."
Chief Luther Standing Bear