Physics and Consciousness -A New Paradigm in Quantum Interconnectedness

Physics and Consciousness
A New Paradigm in Quantum Interconnectedness

By StarStuffs

by StarStuffs ©2003


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"Spiritual attunement is attuning oneself to a higher pitch."
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Ascension simply means to rise up. An ascension experience is a period of time in which you material body raise to a higher state. It is nothing new as others throughout time have experienced, perhaps what is new about 'this time' is that it is happening to people 'en mass' contributing to a greater spiritual awakening of consciousness. Again, one group of a highly energetic body has a tendency to raise all those in the vicinity. Our physical body is actually becoming a different frequency (component of) light as we go from a more material body to a more refined light body. This is a physics principle in action.

The Ascension places you in the midst of universal secrets hidden from veiled eyes thus the more important your wisdom and power become.

As we become more interdimensional and multidimensional "the frequencies alter and the energies accelerate, your body goes through a drastic rapid change that the nervous system must handle".

Some signs and symptoms reported are: rejuvenated organs, hot/cold flashes, massive dizziness, change of diet, excessive tiredness, skin, hair and eyes changing, increase of aches and pains, increased psychic and kundalini activity etc. Many have read and/or experienced such (and continue to do so).

Ascension appears to be a biological reality; there's an evolution of species occurring on this planet, as well as an evolution of consciousness. Many sensitive and attuned individuals feel and see the change happening within them it and subsequently receive the same Spirit messages from the cosmic grid of consciousness, or as Jung termed it the "collective unconscious".

This metamorphosis includes very specific biological and biochemical changes in your DNA, cells, blood, endocrine system and brain also thus affecting the energy of the body throughout the dimensional planes. These changes are all taking place on a subatomic molecular level.

Susanna Thorpe-Clark of Australia, states: "We are being changed physically from carbon-based beings with two strands of DNA into crystalline beings with 1,024 strands of DNA (eventually), because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. We are in fact having our bodies merged with Sirian DNA strands, as this format is close enough to our own to be able to integrate with relatively little side effects." There are many mystical seers that have drawn their own conclusions of this on their own accord. Perhaps mutations and molecular changes are happening in subtle ways. However, tangible evidence by medical professionals has yet to be proven or at least acknowledged by the scientific health-care community. I hope more of the scientific community will eventually come forward with their findings to substantiate the information that is there.

Harmonic Convergences:

We've also all heard in spiritual circles of the harmonic convergences and light grid activations, "time for the consciousness of mankind to make a quantum shift to the next level of experience". These shifts and activations are merely the harmonizing of those atomic pieces that make up the whole. The cosmic ocean, as its called throughout the world, generates cosmic waves of energy. The ocean consisting of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and intents, love, hate, anger etc. ride upon and make up, these waves, which in one way can be compared to the 'quantum foam'. The "Harmonic Convergence" is just not a new age trekkie term for the fun of merely saying it because it sounds cool. It is a real *quantum* event. We cannot discount that this is really happening on a level we can't physically-visibly see. According to physics principles, this affects every other single organism in the universe and on earth.

"..dropping polarity - no longer thinking in terms of good or bad, but seeing the wholeness and completion and perfection of life. It is a very definite mind, emotional and body response. The body response is the one where your body simply does not acknowledge good or bad, but sees that there is a higher purpose behind it all."
Drunvalo Melchizedek on dna changes and activation

We must remember our true multidimensional nature so "we" can merge into the multidimensional consciousness that is our innate heritage. All of the dimensions are ever present and functioning in and/or through our physical bodies and throughout the entire universe. Due to our dense vibrational rate (right now) we are not aware of them until we somehow remember and recall our multidimensional awareness.


"UC Davis experts on basic DNA research since 1953, DNA research has had an impact on everything from biology, agriculture and medicine to criminal law and justice, art and politics". DNA structure is more than a double helix. "The famous double helix is actually supported by many different proteins that allow it to be read, copied and repaired. Working out what those proteins are and how they work together is the aim of the Center for Genetics and Development, led by Stephen Kowalczykowski, professor of microbiology and molecular cell biology. Kowalczykowski's own laboratory studies the family of proteins that allow DNA strands to cross over and recombine, creating genetic variation."

The 3 billion base pairs in the human genome are organized into 24 distinct, physically separate microscopic units called chromosomes. The total genetic information, within these structures, is a sequence of over 6 billion base pairs or 12 billion "letters." That makes up only 3% of what is known, another 97% remains unknown to conventional science.

We can apply the concept of frequency and vibration to the body and its cells as physics dictates. We can also study the body and its building blocks and infer the same information applies to DNA.

In the previously mentioned Fibonacci numbers, DNA and the body can be converted to mathematical physio-musical signals as well. Professor Susumu Ohno of the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, proposed years ago that the repetition process governs both the musical composition and the DNA sequence construction. The body creates music through brain waves, the heartbeat, blood circulation, endocrine cycles, and right up to the microwave level of organ vibration. DNA is the "orchestrator" of this music.

Molecular biologists have defined 20 proteins in the body which they have been able to look at music and read the exact sequence of bases in the DNA. One part of the DNA structure when "played" from the sequences sounds like a waltz melody, another sounds similar to an Irish jig, with a definite beginning, a middle, and an end. Oddly enough, the base sequence T-T-T-C-C-C-C-C-C-, when played, are the famous opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

And you may have noticed upon entering into this web site, the music is based up on the major protein of DNA for "spider dragline silk" and is a natural protein polymer in the development of Biomimetic fiber manufacturing. I liked the melody of the music and wanted to demonstrate the mathematical connection to DNA, albeit through spider genes.

"It (the music) is produced from the primary and secondary structure of protein sequences...pitch is determined by amino acid identity and instrumentation is chosen according to protein folding pattern, with different instruments representing regions of alpha-helix, beta-strands and turns."

"..the fundamental point that it is not that everything that exists has fields of vibrations, but that everything that exists is fields of vibrations."
Kevin Farrow - The Energy Fields.
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