Who Be You?

Your Soul's Calling to The Path of Love

by StarStuffs

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Perception and Energy

Your understanding of who you think you are comes from a limited perception. What you have learned is 'real' is determined by your five senses. These are the physical senses, and these have been the trusted tools of discernment for physical survival. If you are to evolve further than who you are now, then you must evolve beyond the limitations of the five senses.

How is this achieved? By un-learning that which you define as 'real'. If you open to possibilities beyond the usual limited perception, you open to a realm that is highly creative and powerful. It is within this realm that your Soul exists. You are a thinking species, and your mind has served you very well—but in order to reveal the Soul you must make the journey from your head to your Heart.

This is the process of raising awareness, for you need to add new tools to your perceptual toolbox. To raise awareness is to release habitual thoughts and ideas about yourself and use emotion as your eyes. The reason this sixteen-inch journey from head to Heart is so difficult is because you must trust in yourself. Trust must be earned through total honesty of expression and intention. It is a re-training of the way you think, and the way you respond to feelings.

Why is it such a struggle? You all keep secrets from yourselves that need to be brought to light in order to heal. The reason you hide from yourselves is to avoid the pain of healing. Fear of grief causes you to bury emotion, and it is precisely this that creates the struggle! Despite what you may fear lies within you, there is no reason important enough to avoid total self-honesty. It truly is the path to freedom, health and prosperity. There is nothing to fear, but...

Energy Transactions

This is the nature of fear: it sustains itself by drawing energy to it. How do the mechanics of this work? Energy is real, and although it exists unseen, it has properties that reveal consistent behavior.

"Each chakra consists of a concentration of light vibrations. When people meet, these energies follow a pattern...These vibrations are what make intuitive bonds with people. You may resonate at the same frequency or even perhaps pull others up or down due to the energy being emitted."
(The Chakras, An Overview by StarStuffs)

To illustrate an example, put yourself in a room with a number of people and observe how energy behaves. If there is a person who is very fearful and aggressive, they will likely attract your attention. You observe this person and their fear reaches out to you and demands a response. If you are not consciously aware of how you respond, it is almost guaranteed that you will react in fear. You may respond in kind, or you may feel a need to shield yourself from their energy.

Regardless, what has happened is that their fear has drawn your attention and made you react. It doesn't have to involve a person who is fearful, aggressive or violent. Certainly such a person radiates their energy and attacks the boundary of safety of others, but what of one whom is sullen, inwardly focussed, and miserable? The dynamics are different, but the result can be the same. Imagine a lively group of people, all happily interacting but for one who sits and dwells in self-pity. You know what happens: this 'wet blanket' brings the energy of the whole group 'down'.

The transaction of energy is exactly the same in this case. The self-pitying person draws your attention, thus connecting your energy to theirs, and then takes your energy to force a response. The response you give may be to shield yourself, or to give your energy away. Both invoke a fear response from you: the first being to protect yourself, the second being a concession of control and power. If you are mindful of the many transactions that take place between yourself and others constantly, you will observe how fear can attract energy. You may also find yourself with the tables turned, and notice how your fear can draw the energy of others to yourself.

'The psychodynamics of the mind as an electromagnetic structure establishes the nature and reality of consciousness as an interdimensional energy process. It is an electrical process of cause and effect...."The universe consists solely of waves of motion...There exists nothing other than vibration."'
(Physics and Consciousness by StarStuffs)

Energy has many levels of vibration, called frequencies. The lower the frequency, the 'heavier' the state of the energy. In fact, all that appears as solid in our world is merely energy vibrating at a very low frequency, low enough to have very strong power of attraction and maintain form at the molecular level. Conversely, you can change what appears to be in a fixed state by bringing a higher frequency of energy to it. For example, solid ice when heated vibrates more and transforms into a liquid, and then the molecules oscillate faster turning it into steam. Energy is real force that the universe operates under and can be observed, used, and directed as a tool.

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