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Meaning of X-mas

Written By StarStuffs
December 2005

This time of year we've seen many stores and media display "Happy Holidays" on banners, ads and promotions. Many people meet and greet with the same phrase either as all encompassing term of good wishes or to avoid the Christmas phrase all together in this "politically correct" world. Some people today even view the shorthand of writing and speaking "Merry X-mas" as a way to remove Christ from the holy celebration in December. Some see it as simply a shorthand method of writing "Merry Christmas". Whether or not the conceptions of the season are watered down, the truth remains, the Christmas season is indeed a celebration of the birth of Jesus and the surrounding events of that time.


There were many winter celebrations in Cyprus, Mesopotamia, Armenia, and Asia Minor. Masquerades, lights, garland and festive meals and exchange of good-luck gifts that marked this joyful occasions for thousands of years.

Although the exact day of Christ's birth has never been pinpointed, various astronomical, biblical and historical sources say Jesus' birthday can be anywhere from January to April. Going back to the turn of the age, traditions dictate that the holy birth has been celebrated since 98 AD. The Bishop of Rome in 137 AD ordered the birthday of Jesus to be celebrated as a solemn feast. Julius 1st, another Bishop of Rome chose December 25th as the official day of observance. It wasn't until around 1038 the Mass of Christ or Cristes Maesse was recognized.

About the X

Europeans in the 16th century started using X in place of Christ's name as shorthand for writing Christ. The Christian monks and scholars were knowledgeable of the Greek letter X, - Chi or Khi - which is the first letter in the Greek word "Christos" or "Kristos" (Greek: CristoV) The Greek and Hebrew word "Christos" comes out "Messiah" and mean the same thing: "The anointed One." For many years the X was understood by Christian clergy and as time passed, many Christians, educated and not, were not aware of the meaning. Over time the meaning became lost and was later of perceived as a sign disrespect.

Christmas has become very commercialized in the modern world with all the issues arising within our society. Parties, exchanging gifts, cards, trees and decorations, and the hustle n' bustle and stress this time of year makes us very busy! We just forget why we're really doing this. Why do we celebrate this December festival? What is the true reason for the season?

December is a magical season to remind us of Jesus' birth that has been historical in the making. It is a time to celebrate the gift of family and friends, the joy of all good things in the world and how grateful we are for the many blessings in our lives. It is a time to remember Jesus' birth and the life of the man that has changed so many lives.

So I end with...Merry Xmas!

May your days be blessed and your Cristes Maesse be joyful and full of love, light and peace.



Christmas Time Presents Merry Christmas
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