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Lessons of Love, Healing and Spiritual Awareness

by StarStuffs



"Spirituality can be defined as whomever or whatever gives one a transcendent meaning in life. This is often expressed as religion or relationship with God, but it can also refer to other things: nature, energy, force, belief in the good of all, belief in the importance of family and community. The spirit is the essence of the person - what makes him or her unique. The spiritual part of each person can bring wholeness to the emotional, the physical and the intellectual parts of life."

(from Christina M. Puchalski, M.D., Center to Improve Care of the Dying The George Washington University School of Medicine
Washington, DC, October, 1999, VISION)

The eclectic nature of my articles and writings conveys related issues of hope, faith, purpose, relationships, universal questions and answers and one's search for meaning. There are many faith systems and points of view that connects our relationship to the unseen and a Higher Spiritual Power at work in our lives. From studying various religions and spiritual philosophies, there are overlapping concepts and base tenets with many similarities, parallels and insightful messages running deep in the veins of the body of All knowledge. Searching for meaning and connectedness to all things along with understanding the beauty of unity in diversity helps us understand our meaning and purpose of life.

This collection has been written over time and have appeared in numerous e-zines and publications and online groups and forums so I'm happy to collect and share them here in this format. This is a growing collection of writings with much more to add.

I hope this web section further aids in your discovery of your unique essence and understand your own personalized system of thoughts and beliefs to find a deeper sense of meaning on your sacred path to awareness.

Love and Light,