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Conscious Choices

by StarStuffsApril 2001

Have you ever observed carefully the choices that you make moment-by-moment, day-by-day, step-by-step through your created experience?

Do you recognize that even though you have chosen the pathway you are following as part of an overall intention for fulfilling a certain alignment with the attributes of the soul in this particular embodiment?

Do you recognize that each choice is an act of creation; each choice is a pattern of application and is part of the evolution of activity and increasing awareness as you walk the pathway of experience?

Do you recognize this to be so? Are you aware of the choices you make?

If as you are preparing to make a choice take a moment and reflect on what was the intention or motivation for making that particular choice. Was the choice consistent with your intention of fulfilling the mandate coming from within the soul of being the Love and Light you are? Was the choice a motivation from within? Or was it stimulated by reaction to externalized conditions, emotional impacts, or activities of the mind?

The choice that is motivated from within then becomes a solid and constructive building block of experience upon which the subsequent choices are then made that build the bridge of awareness as you cross over to that greater awareness of knowing completely, irreversibly, who you are as a soul. Those choices will accelerate and move you to a point of being the embodiment of harmony, peace, radiating Love, illuminating Light.

You will be the walking embodiment of the entirety of soul reality.

Are you making the best possible choices for the moment?

Love and Light,