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Reflection in Gratitude

by StarStuffsOctober 2005
Sending out biannual "Reflections of Gratitude" since October 2005

"In relation to others, gratitude is good manners; in relation to ourselves, it is a habit of the heart and a spiritual discipline."
(Daphne Rose Kingma)

Every April and October, I invite everyone to stop and reflect on all of the positive changes you've made in your lives this last year. When you reflect with gratitude you feel good about your relationships with people, experiences and opportunities that have come across your path no matter what has happened. Looking back with a compassionate and understanding heart for adverse conditions, looking back with wonderment and awe of amazing circumstances - it's all about growth and developing positive attitudes.

Upon reflecting over the last six months, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What has been the most important changes I've made so far?

2. How have I grown as a person? List spiritual, mental, emotional qualities.

3. What risks have I taken and which fears have I faced?

4. What are your 3 top achievements?

5. Which achievements would I like accomplish in the next 6 months?

6. Am I taking better care of my body, mind and spirit?

7. Has my environment changed and how?

8. What have I done to help others in the last 6 months?

9. How could I help others in the next 6 months?

When you consider the answers you will see what you have accomplished for your personal growth. This builds self-respect, confidence and lends insight into how much personal power you have. Reflecting on the past also allows you to make healthier choices for any future events.

Gratitude is a form of love that is from Spirit and all of Creation. Love allows perfect manifestations to happen in our lives. Expressing Gratitude is expressing that love, the love that you are, to All of Creation. The universal flow of love streams out from from an open heart and expands to the Earth and all those that share in your journey through life.

Your commitment to raising your concious awareness leads to a more balanced life and harmonious relationships with those around you. You deserve to celebrate your hard work, patience and endurance - you've earned it!

I love myself for who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
I have no complaints whatsover.

Love and Light,