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Treasures of The Heart

by StarStuffsOctober 2004
"The things that change are not our real life. Within us there is another body, another beauty. It belongs to that ray of Light which never changes. We must discover how to mingle with It and become one with that Unchanging thing.

We must realize and understand this treasure of Truth. That is why we have come to the world. Within your heart in a space no bigger than an atom, God has placed the 18,000 universes."

(Bawa Muhaiyaddeen - A Book of God's Love)

There is an inner and outer life, one that is made up of worldly perceptions and one that is the inherant truth of internal light that we carry, that which we are. There are times in our spiritual development when these worlds collide, merging, dancing, changing and exchanging what is "real" into what is truth. The transformation may be easy or difficult depending on the degree of transmutation of the soul and its knowing, its remembering, of something that has always been there. This awakening does not come without a price. Coming out the other side, we know the price was worth it. However, going into the chaos, willingly and knowingly, we do not know what lays on the other side, but we trust in the process of Spirit. We have to trust in things we can't see. We have trust that we have arrived this far because we have listened to our Heart every step of the way.

So what is the price we pay? Perhaps shedding attitudes, thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us. Maybe it's consciously giving up one's assuming control of life in complete surrender in faith, hope and love for our higher purpose. Or maybe it realizing we are not who we think are.....we are so much more.

Stepping from ignorance into a vast new world of greater light can be scary and disorienting. As the above quote says, we have to "mingle with It and become one with that Unchanging thing." In the process of merging our true selves we gain incredible personal treasures, Treasures of the Heart and our Inner Light that reaches beyond 18,000 universes.

Love and Light,