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Having Fun Yet?

by StarStuffsFebruary 2005

I would like ask you when was the last time you had some fun? I mean something that you don't HAVE TO DO.

Maybe it's time to do something you haven't done in a while.......just because. There are many ideas of fun, so just pick one that makes you smile! Be adventurous and pick 2! Or be daring and pick 3!

When was the last time you turned up your radio and just danced around crazily because you wanted to? Or turned up your car radio singing and rocking out to a favorite song while everyone smiles back at you? You're not crazy - you know how to have fun!

When it's work to have fun...that's when you REALLY need it.

Just remember to lighten up once in a while. Being a Light Worker doesn't always have to be a serious spiritual event, sometimes you show your best light when you're smiling and laughing.

Love, Light and Laughter,