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The Conversation - Letting Go

by StarStuffsApril 2001
"How do I let go, God?"
God whispers, "Simply let go."
"HOW do I let go?"
God whispers again, "Just let go."
"HOW do I LET GO!?"
God whispering, " your hand."

"How do I love, God?"
God whispers, "Simply love."
"HOW do I love?"
God whispers again, "Just love."
"HOW do I LOVE!?!"
God whispering, " your heart."

Do we get so caught up in the "act" of doing and end up forgetting about just "being". We may hold something in our hands soo tightly in the cookie jar we forget, in order to get the handful of cookies we need to let go. In letting go we obtain what we most desire, albeit, one at a time...

We may hold angry and hurt feelings, emotions that hinder us from becoming who we are meant to be. In order to find that love we most desperately need, (human and divine love) we need to open our hearts. In letting go we obtain what we most want and desire. It is our inheritance.

How do we know if and when it comes time to 'let go' we won't be dashed to bits by unseen malevolent forces...the scary UNKNOWN!!

What is the UNKNOWN?

How do we know when to "let go"?

I believe the answer is found deep within. It's very subtle until you discover it by opening the eyes of your heart.

It's time to let go of any desire to possess. What does this really mean? Is it holding onto feelings, emotions and ideas? Or locking yourself into what you perceived to be true? In clinging in order to possess, we cannot get our hand out of the cookie jar, in other words, we are unable to see any higher dynamic at work. We fail to see there is more for us waiting. Clinging too tightly does not allow for divine harmony and synchronistic events to occur for expansion of consciousness and the soul's growth. When we hold something so very true and dear to us, we fail to see other truths and opportunities knocking at our door.

Just because we don't sense things by the normal senses, we can simply "know" there are things beyond the norm on various levels. We don't see them, but they are real. We don't see the other side of the UNKNOWN because we have not learned to trust ourselves to look past any "walls" out of fear. In letting go we are saying "I trust you Spirit".

Trusting in Spirit of things we cannot tangibly see as a whole because of the vastness it encompasses, can be extremely tough for our minds to handle. When the heart speaks softly we listen more intently. We need to shift our focus to the heart for guidance when our minds cannot make sense of what is happening around us. Does this sound familiar??

I believe this "knowing" transforms into internal peace which lends us the courage to somewhat understand that

"It's ok to let go"

"It's alright because you are most loved"

"You are protected and cared for"

"You are never alone"

"I Am always with you"

If Spirit says that, who are we to second guess the Divine? Yes we may stutter and say, "But, but, but, have to be kidding me!"

After a while when the mind slows we understand and "know" it is the integration of Heart and Mind working together to let go *willfully* with strength and courage. I believe our lives our trained for such so when the time does come we can "let go" and "love unconditionally and consciously" to the very depth of our souls.

Remember the meaning of true Love and just "let go".

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Love and Light,

writing ammended October 2005, 2011