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Give and Take

by StarStuffsDecember 2000

Do you remember Whirligigs? Many children used to make them in school. It was usually a small disc of cardboard about 3 inches across with two holes in the center. You would put the ends of about 36 inches of yarn in the holes and tie the loose ends together. The fun part was coloring the sides with designs using markers or colors or using shapes made out of construction paper. To start it you hold the string ends and rotate the cardboard in circles either toward or away from you to wind it up. To get it spinning, you pull the string outward. Then you allow your hands to pulse in and out. The string/disc winds in reverse and it "whirls' as it spins, back and forth. The colors/designs on the side make pretty patterns.

Every area of our lives is about "give and take" a perfect balance it must be in order to see the pretty colors. If you're out of balance, you won't spin, you won't see the beauty of the colors.

When you are in a state of spinning in perfect balance (the "give and take") you can't look at it directly from in front of you because you won't see the colors. You may get glimpses of color; however, you'll mainly see the edge-on view, the edge of the cardboard. You have to look at it from another vantage point, from the side.

The whirligig of trust, hope and faith is about "spinning" and being in balance even if we can't see the colors. Keep walking the spiritual path. Be strong and keep believing. You are not alone in your journey. When life gets tough allow Spirit to lead you. Surrender and let Spirit spin you!!

"Give and take" becomes a dance of spiritual balance and brings enough peace to know the colors are there even though we can't "see" them directly.

"Give and take" is a feeling of movement, an awareness of something profound that stirs the soul. Something higher in the universe is working even though you have no idea what it is. Spirit's view is much higher than ours so trust in "EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE".

We get a glimpse of the "pretty colors" when we trust and look with the heart.

Love and Light,

writing ammended October 2011