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Lessons of Love, Healing and Spiritual Awareness

by StarStuffs


by StarStuffsFebruary 2003

In the Art of Conversation by Fritsch and Rosenblatt, listening is approximately 85% of a conversation. When we listen, actually listen to every word and meaning the person is saying, we come to understand minute details that are important to that person. You can be a great conversationalist by merely listening and asking a few key questions.

How does this apply to our spiritualness and our coversations with Spirit? Simple, become silent and actively listen to every word He has to say then ask your questions. Most likely He will answer them first beforehand, for He knows your heart and what contains within. Listening is also healing because it creates and strengthens a relationship and connects us with others. It restores personal values and hope not only person to person but person-to-Spirit. Listening is grounded in wanting to truly understand what is being conveyed for our spiritual growth. It also says that we value Him more than we value ourselves and that the relationship is important to us. We can say, "You, Spirit, are worth listening to." Sometimes people need to know that someone cares enough to take time to hear their story. Perhaps Spirit is the same way. Spirit may ask, "Do you have time to hear me today?".."Do you value what I have to say".

In conversations with others, not listening creates fragmentation and suffering. The bad habits of of interrupting and monopolizing is not conducive to healthy relationships and won't last long. There is only a one way road little do we know we are going the wrong direction. In spiritual listening we hear the road signs, we listen with the heart's intent. An image of walking through an obstacle course blindfolded comes to mind. When we are attuned to listening we become very aware of each step, each turn, each hill and mountain we are on. Our perceptions are intensified and maginified immensely. Amazingly, Spirit's directions always get us through. Perhaps in time we come to understand that obstacles are blessings because Spirit is saying, "Go here".

When we listen to others we think what to say next and where to insert our story in the conversation to make ourselves feel important. In doing so, we slowly lose the capacity to listen, really listen. We are thus listening for our own benefit. In listening to the Spirit we listen for the benefit of what is best for us from a higher vantage point. We must slow down our minds and allow divine inspiration to infuse our thinking and our hearts. If we think we know all the answers we will never ask the right questions...developing a passion to hear and listen to Spirit takes practice and internal training, much like conversing with people, it takes practice to really hear.

In the long run, if we want to influence people and promote healing on all levels, we must take time to listen. Inherent in spiritual listening is the attribute of meekness. Meekness starts by listening with the ears of the spirit (Matt. 11:15).

We can draw a parallel of how we listen to others, as a sign of how we listen to Spirit. If you are not hearing Spirit, maybe you should check out how you are listening to others. It is a wonderful reflection of our relationships that allows to grow in our spiritual discipline. In so doing, we bridge the distance between heart and mind.

Blessings of Love and Light,