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Think For Yourself!

by StarStuffsJune 2005

Have you noticed some people who are unable to think for themselves and allow others to dictate what they do and how they think? This applies to religions, beliefs, actions of every day circumstances. So many follow ideals because it is easy, it is the path more traveled. The problem is there is very little self-discovery because there is no effort in finding the real answers and no growth in searching for the questions. The real challenge for anyone is to think for themselves, find your own truths, break from dogmas and norms to learn what is 'real' in the vast world. What is real for YOU!

Experiences and inner-transformations are worth thousands of times more than merely reading, hear-say, or reitterating someone elses words or beliefs.

Can you make up your own mind about what you believe and think?

Can you decide what is true for you?

Do you understand that truths can be mutable?

The biggest question, "Why do I think/believe the way I do?".

In the book, "Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics" by Marsha Sinetar she writes:

"The German mystic, Meister Eckhardt, reminds us that love has its being only in our will.. "The man who has more will, he also has more love." As a person develops his or her love for the Self, he simultaneously finds the will to do what is most difficult."

"We know exploration is a less important need than that for safety. We know, for example, that only the person who feels inwardly confident, who has a certain degree of faith in his or her ability to meet the unknown, can venture forth...This type of exploration takes special skills, skills which come with the greater bonding to and trust of the Self."

"The ability to face the conflicts and fears within ourselves, to acknowledge our longing for security, for roots and unending love and approval and yet - at the same time- to remain unswervingly fixed n an uncertrain, insecure path beause we sense it be our right path, is, to my way of thinking, a heroic thing. This is the courage to be."

The courage to be, indeed!

The path of the mystic is never easy and takes great daring to think for oneself.

Dare to think for yourself!

Love and Light,

writing ammended August 2005