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Earth Healing Meditation

by StarStuffsFebruary 2003

Take as long as you need to do this meditation. There is no time limit or restriction with this powerful visualization. You may experience very deep emotions in the process.

Imagine yourself anchoring yourself into the cool ground as tree roots. Expand your energy downward pulling / allowing the energy to flow from the higher chakras down through the top of your head. While doing so, expanding your roots to deep within the earth's center. Embrace the earth's core with these roots. Feel the love stream downward as you are the conduit of this love towards the Earth.

Now expand your roots outward filling up the entire inner portion of the earth so that is becomes a filled ball of roots..a filled ball of interconnecting love that continues to flow through now is an Perfect Embrace of unconditional divine love within the Earth.

Now allow the roots to slowly morph from inside to the outside into soft tender hands that gentle cradle the Earth. Is is a feeling of holding a newborn baby, you are a mother or father to the precious child of Earth!! Feel the Love flowing through you to these cosmic hands. Hold it, cradle it, let your love caress the Earth in warmth and tenderness.

At this point you may see the the Earth with a white auric-glow around it. Expand this glow...Allow this auric-glow of the Earth to gently pulse in your hands...leading into a gentle pulsing heart-beat rhythm.

Allow this beating of divine love and tenderness to infuse the energy grid, literally seeing this grid expand and contract around the earth within this auric-glow. This grid connects all things: plants, animals, people and places. You may feel many emotions of anger, hate, resentment and fear - the feelings of so many in the world. Take those emotions and transmute them into Love and continue being the conduit of light sending back 10-fold of love to every negative emotion.

Know that the love you have directed towards the center of the Earth, outside the Earth and back in towards the Earth is a heart beat itself to heal the Earth and her people.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Much love and light,