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Do You Understand?

by StarStuffsFebruary 2003

"Son of man, mark well, see with your eyes and hear with your ears...translated "set your heart to understand."

There is a deep subtle healing that takes place when our eyes and ears are opened and our hearts begin to understand. Listening is grounded in wanting to truly understand what is being conveyed for our spiritual growth. We come to understand that obstacles are blessings.

When Spirit asks.."Do you understand?" What does this question mean??

The dictionary says the following:

Under - in, at, or to a position down from; lower than; below; from a lower place; beneath the surface, so as to be covered, enveloped or concealed; subject to the control, limitations or influence of; planted with, sowed with.

Stand - to stand, be placed, cause to stand, supported on the feet and/or in an upright position, supported on a base or pedestal, to grow upright, to rise to an upright position; remain unchanged, intact, enduring, hold a course

"Set your heart to understand" could merely mean - to remain fixed and supported in those things that which are concealed from you. We simply remain steadfast and diligent in our faith. It's admitting we are not in control of our lives but we "understand" there is a much higher power working for the best of everyone.

"Know my truth is within YOUR heart...Do YOU understand?"

When we listen to our hearts we under-stand the strength of faith, hope and most of all love - we are enduring to influences that are greater than ourselves. Obstacles are blessings because we under-stand the importance for our spiritual growth the and vast roles that others play that influence us in the game of life. We thus have true compassion and healing within the ability to under-stand. When we hear and listen with the heart, we fully understand.

Blessings of Love and Light,