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Thread of Light

by StarStuffs August 30, 2001

Wherever you go, communicate with the Earth and let the planet know you are awakening. You must think of yourself as a thread of light; wherever you walk, drive, fly, or visit, you are carrying your thread of light. As more and more threads are woven around the planet, eventually there will be a fantastic cosmic web of light.

Communicate with the Earth, listen to it, and let this beautiful planet you how to live in harmony. In divine love of humanity and divine importance of its role as teacher, Earth will teach you about its own secrets and power so that you can understand how to walk with cooperation and love of Earth and not walk with disrespect.

If 20 million people disappeared in one afternoon because of Earth change, perhaps the other humans would wake up. There is that potential. We are not talking about the evolution of a few dozen people; we are talking about the evolution of the human species. There will be events that will bring people to awakening.

What happens to Earth depends on how willing everyone is to change. Earth loves you and gives you a place to operate: it is a living organism. Earth is about to reestablish its integrity and let you understand the importance of loving yourself by loving Earth. Love yourself and love Earth, because they are the same.

If everything is done with love, it has the force of the Creator behind it. "Is love my intention for Earth, the animals, all the people I encounter, and all the things I do?"

The masses are awakening. You see and feel the rumblings of consciousness, the internal Earth changes, which they truly mark the rites of passage for all of humanity. This tidal wave of light will be opened through the portals you open on this Earth plane as you follow your intuitions, emotions and your heart.

There are 5.5 billion people thinking on the earth right now. That is much energy alive on the earth. There are much electromagnetic pulsations. Change your thoughts, change the patterns, change the energy, change the world. What you do here on Earth affects outward like a pond ripple to other realities and dimensions.

What happens on Earth is going to affect many, many worlds. The gridwork and cosmic rays are part of an intergalactic system that directs what you believe into other places of existence. You send energy to those systems. A chain reaction moves through all dimensions of existence and all of consciousness.

Thoughts and emotions are very powerful!! How are you utilizing your thread of light...To create balance and harmony? positively or negatively?

(exerpts and thoughts spawned from the book "Bringers of The Dawn" Teachings from The Pleiadians")

Much love and light,