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by StarStuffsJanuary 1998

We all have heard of brainstorming for ideas. How about brainstorming for angels, beings and guides to speak to you? It is easy and gives you very insightful ponderings into your daily life. If you don't think it works, try it, you will be astounded at what you come up with, or rather you will be amazed at the way your guide comes through to you.

The process is very simple. Grab some paper and pen, or computer and get comfortable so the ideas can flow freely. Relax, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Relax your mind and body and clear your thoughts.

First Exercise

For 2 minutes you write down any and all things that you associate with your guides. Doesn't matter what comes to mind, just write it down. This is why it is called brainstorming. This is to get you warmed up to your mind flowing with the process. Relax, close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Second Exercise

After relaxing again, envision your Angel, Being, Guide's hand on your shoulder. Feel the warm touch as vividly as you can, experience this moment of love, peace and caring. Now, for 2 more minutes write down everything and anything that comes into your mind. As fast as the thoughts flow, write it down. If you have a particular situation you need insight to, have the question in your mind as you do this exercise. You may even want to write it at the top of your paper or computer text. Relax, close your eyes and take some deep breaths and remember to tell your Guide thank you.

Read over them but don't try to get any meanings from them just yet. Sometimes the message is pretty loud and clear. Sometimes they are not. Set the brainstorming pages aside until the next day. When you reread them you will always find something new. Since this is a brainstorming activity, it is perfectly alright to repeat phrases, words, ideas, thoughts...etc etc. There is a message for you there. It may be good idea to keep a notebook/folder so you can look back in wonderment.

Love and Light,

writing ammended August 2005