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A Gift For You

by StarStuffs1997

I received a special gift that I wish to give to you today. Please accept them, they are yours. Inside the pretty packaged box you will find....

....a mirror....

This allow you to see through the everyday facade you put on for others each day. It sees past the mask of denial, past the hurt, anger and hatred you carry. This mirror is as God sees you. Your true self - the real YOU. Look in the mirror. Do you love what you see?   God does!

....a boat....

As you ride in this boat you will encounter good weather and bad weather. The fiercest seas will batter your hull. In good weather enjoy the beautiful view but remember; He is the captain that will navigate your ocean of life and will not steer you wrong. As sails are lifted to the great unknown...we make our journey home. Know that you are guided and watched over in all you do. God is there with you.

The last gift in the box I place in your hand *reaching out to you apple seed...

Know that this small seed will grow into a grand tree. Strong roots make strong limbs to bear and hold fruit. Through the seasons the leaves will fall and seem dead and barren, but the roots are ALIVE! Faith resides in those roots and when the storm winds blow during the winters in your life - be strong. Spring will arrive and God will finally reveal the fruit to you.

My friend, I wish for you

Remember you are never alone!

Love and Light