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Seeing and Hearing

by StarStuffsFebruary 2003

Many people have been going through changes lately on many levels. Sometimes we forget and subsquently don't care at that point, to take the most simple action of seeing, hearing and listening. The mind goes haywire with a deluge of thought forms that accompanies all the other energetic and body changes which makes for utter internal chaos. Not only is this our doing in and of itself, there are other forces at work that take advantage of this "spiritual gap". This storm, as with any, serves a purpose. It becomes a time of spring cleaning!

Good strong habits formed prior to this time period of transition helps tremendously: praying, meditating and learning to focus and center more. If we didn't get it last will assuredly come back, perhaps a little differently - so we master the next lesson on our evolutionary process. We have been through several major changes in the last year, all have not been easy in the midst of it, however, when the clouds cleared we were dramatically changed. We should humbly thank Spirit and the Guides for even the storms. We are all doesn't mean we like the storms at all..but we have know there is a divine plan at work.

I've always felt that we must rest our spiritual eyes on occasion so that we may see and for our ears to hear. If one meditates regularly, as I have mentioned in other writings, then listening becomes easier.

There is a Bible passage that tells the prophet to "see with his eyes and hear with his ears" all that was about to be communicated to him. The LORD said to me, "Son of man, mark well, see with your eyes and hear with your ears all that I say to you.. Ezekiel was instructed to "mark well." This expression is sometimes translated "set your heart to understand." There is something inherently connected with eyes and ears being opened that allows the heart to comprehend.

Set your heart to understand..............hear and see with the heart. This goes beyond normal comprehension as far as the mind knows. The heart says "Trust me! Have you not been told of my promises?"...

There is a deep subtle healing that takes place when our eyes and ears are opened and our hearts begin to understand. Healing is not merely the restoration of bodies and emotions, but the connection to Spirit and ourselves.

With this spiritual vision of the heart, fear is replaced with faith and a strange comprehension of reality that there is more for us waiting. The higher realm of faith is accessed by expanding and opening our perceptions..thus we walk by faith. After a time you learn to trust that voice and peer through the veil that covers your spiritual eyes to see that which is spiritual with a higher value and purpose. We hear the calling that is real and true above all else.

In the Kingdom of The Spirit, seeing and hearing go hand in hand, but we must respond to what we hear before we can see. This is called faith! Job said, "My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you". Hearing the call of the Spirit requires an awareness of the heart so we can 'see' what God is 'saying'. This is called VISION!

"Lord, that I may see!"

Blessings of Love and Light,

writing ammended August 2005