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Soul Loss and Healing - Release and Forgive

by StarStuffsMay 2002

It is now a time for releasing and forgiving....

Have you ever heard of "soul loss" or "soul theft"? Briefly: It's commonly noted as a "shamanic practice", I think of it as a "spiritual practice".

Soul loss could happen in a variety of ways, love, divorce, death of a loved one, and various other emotional and physical traumas and stresses that "wound" our spirit in some way.

Some people who experience this "soul loss" (loss of chi/ki/prana) may feel like something is missing, a huge void, unable to cope, depressed, loss of vitality and connectedness to life. They are unable to create a path of joy that was once available to them.

Soul theft is usually brought about by another person as in the case of mental, physical and/or emotional abuse. There is a facilator in this aspect that "wants control", or power over the individual. A person who is willing to relinquish their personal power to someone else is at risk for having it "stolen" from them.

I know wounds can run deep on many levels and in many cases traumas are buried in the subconsious or one just decides to "not think about it". And yes, much work could be done by the person to regain a balance. And it may not be easy.

However, I would like to address this on a very broad scale of our Own personal choice to heal on a level that we can do fairly easily...

Perhaps YOU have stolen a part of someone's soul and not know it? Has there been someone in your life that YOU have emotionally effected? How do you know who? Have those painful situations and circumstances in your past been healed? How do you know which ones? Have you forgiven in your heart and by your spirit those that have harmed you mentally, physically and emotionally? How do you know where to find forgiveness?

YOU could very well have created someone elses soul loss and you "could be" a thief to that person by spiritually holding their energy captive and not know it. How do you know?

Now being a "thief" is not negative because often we do not know what we do and we do not know the full emotional impact we may have on someone. So we cannot be "blamed" or judged in that regard because all souls are learning. There are times we don't mean to do something by ill intent. In this case this would be unconscious ignorance.

Any traumas relating to soul loss, fragmentation or energy holdings, however small, are held within the energy-body and can be cleared quickly.

"The trauma of an event is set in place virtually instantly, in the fraction of a second before our self-awareness can notice it. Years later, energetic regulatory systems continue to scan for this section of held-energy roughly 10 times/second (with each brain wave). Remarkably, stored trauma can be resolved as quickly as it was set in place."
James L Ochman- Energy Medicine/The Scientific Basis

So, if there is a *slight* possibility that you took someone's soul energy or you harbor residual energy from others for whatever reason, knowingly or unknowingly, even spanning years and years, ..isn't it time to release and forgive?

How do you know you've participated in "soul loss" or "soul theft". Simplistically speaking you don't. Since one may not know. For overall healing and health we have to say that we just don't know.

In order to aid in healing "what we don't know" I'm asking that you simply say while breathing slowly and deeply with feeling the following exercise mantra while in meditation or in your special quiet place of the mind and heart...

repeat 3 times with heart-felt intent

  • I release any soul energy that I may be holding captive for whatever reason.
  • I return the energy to the light and back to the person from which it came.
  • I release any hold I have upon another to restore to them what has been missing.
  • I forgive myself and the person I've been holding - unconditionally and with the heart of compassion.
  • I ask that your peace, love, light and joy fill my very being.
  • Upon the Wings of Light, it is done.

This is just for releasing other's energies not calling back or working with your own soul loss. However, one aspect of healing is first releasing, then receiving anything is a bonus. When energies are given back with compassion and feeling this facilitates our own healing energies and a transformation occurs automatically within us. A shift takes place.

It is time to give back what is not "ours".
It is time to restore and do our part in healing others.
It's imperative that we "clean up" our spiritual energies.
It is time to release and forgive.

Can you imagine all those soul energy fragments returning? How much stronger this would make the energy matrix? How much clearer the vibrations would be? Can you imagine the impact this would have?

Many Blessings,

writing ammended August 2005