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The Sand Dollar

by StarStuffsDecember 2003
(Condensed version published in Angels on Earth Magazine)

We often talk about meeting guides/angels/beings while in an altered state of the dream world or while in meditation. What about meeting one in the real world especially when no other explanations will fit?

It was early spring of 1989 in the midst of Spring Cleaning season. Tossing and sorting out the old into storage, cleaning off the winter dust inside and the fresh cool air coming through the windows. Once in a while I enjoy looking at the memories stored in my jewelry box and that moment felt like a good time break from my chores to rest and stroll down memory lane. Little birthday gifts from my mother and childhood friend keepsakes took me back to a wonderful innocent time of tree houses, bugs and terribly muddy knees and feet.

I then pull out a small rectangular box that had my favorite sand dollar in it. It was a perfect circle, clear and well defined engravings on top and back, and snow white. It was the most beautiful of anything I had found on the beach from years past. It was perfect. Keeping it in my jewelry box I thought it would be safe from being broken. I was terribly wrong. When I lifted the box top the shell was broken in two pieces with sand and "doves" scattered on the bottom of the soft cotton felt that it was laying on. Being heartbroken I wondered why and how this could happen when I tried to protect it. After surveying the damage, I replaced the sand dollar in the box and returned it with sadness to join the rest of my keepsakes.

The next day was like any other; getting ready for work, rushing around fighting traffic and longing for that cup of coffee and small morning chat at the bank. When I arrived at the bank branch I was told I would be working the drive-through window. The morning customer activity was slow but it picked up in the afternoon during the lunch hour. At the end of the lunch rush, as usual, this car drives up. I notice the man of beautiful mocha skin immediately. For one he was not a regular customer and another he appeared to be in his mid-twenties, clean shaven, had a glowing smile and his skin seemed perfect. I thought for sure he could be a GQ model.

Another thing that seemed wonderful about this man is that when I gave my cheery greetings to him, he responded likewise. This didn't happen too often as I felt in some way it was my duty to bring a cheerful moment to other grumpy drivers who take care of hectic banking chores during the noon time rush. He seemed to radiate much joy and happiness.

After the initial meeting and greeting that took seconds, the man inserts the transaction into the retractable drawer. I look at the name of the company on the deposit slip, verify if checks are named correctly, hit a few buttons to record the transaction and place the deposit receipt back into the retractable drawer. The man still smiling so big at me takes the receipt with one hand and places in the tray something wrapped in a white tissue with his other hand. He says to me, "This is a little something for you." After seconds of graciously thanking him and with parting greetings on both our parts, he drives off. I had never seen him again.

I pull the tray back inside and pull out the tissued object. In my hand lay the most perfect sand dollar. I stared in complete awe with tears streaming down. Why would God care so much about my feelings of a sand dollar that was broken to be replaced by another? I was so thankful there were no more cars! The moment was too amazing to grasp so I could only stare at the hand sized sand dollar framed in white tissue.

After an awestruck day, I returned home and went directly to my jewelry box. I placed the new sand dollar in the box with the broken sand dollar as a reminder of God's miracle.

We are told that Spirit loves, watches and cares for us beyond anything we can comprehend. He cares for all the beautiful creatures on earth...even a sparrow. He even cares how we feel about sand dollars to send one of his angels to deliver a gift of love directly.

I thank Spirit for this experience for the feeling goes beyond words.

Love and Light,