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How to See Auras

by StarStuffs adapted from the Inner Wisdom: Loving Steps to Spiritual Wisdom

Sages and seers have always known that sunrises and sunsets are conducive for energy fields to be seen. These times of the day make it relatively easy to attempt and practice viewing your own aura and those around trees and plants. The following exercises are geared toward this magical time of day of dawn and twilight. With practice seeing auras can come naturally at any time of the day or night.

Exercise 1 - "Energy Tendrils"

Touch the tips of your index fingers together against the bluish-yellow twilight background of the sky. Then separate the tips of your fingers about an inch paying close attention to the space between. You may need to allow your eyes to soften and relax a bit, even allowing them to slightly going out of focus. It may also help to look beyond your fingers at the sky. After relaxing your eyes for a few minutes, slowly move your fingers up and down in a see-saw motion altering their height. Again, pay careful attention to the space between the fingers.

Due to a contrasting background, what you will see is an "energy-tendril" between your index fingers. When you move your fingers it will move likewise. You may want to experiment by encircling your fingers, touching and moving all of you fingers, and/or try seeing the energy between your palms.

If you can't see this at first, keep trying as long as you and your eyes are relaxed. If you feel frustrated take a break and enjoy the moment. When you finally see the "energy tendril" you will be amazed with a new understanding of energy.

Exercise 2 - "Halo"

This exercise is similar to the above one. During twilight/dawn hours, hold your hand up comfortably in front your face about a foot or 30 centimeters. The background of the sky should set the background for your hand. Outstretch your fingers giving a beautiful "high-five" to the universe. As in the above exercise, allow your eyes to soften and relax looking beyond your hand toward the sky. Pay attention to the edge area closest around your hand and fingers.

Your hand against the contrasting background, will appear to slightly glow with a white edging of light. Starting out, you may need to keep your focus on the sky while using your peripheral vision to see the halo. The halo may appear thin, faint and very close to the body at first, but with more practice you will see more depth and width. Remember to keep yourself and your eyes relaxed and before long you will see this auric halo.

Exercise 3 - "Tree Glow"

Another auric exercise can easily be done with viewing energy of trees. During the twilight or dawn hours, choose a tree that is offset with a nice background of the sky. Focus on the trunk or the center until your eyes become relaxed, perhaps imagining the texture of the tree trunk, the coolness of the life giving roots and the branches of green leaves. When you are relaxed, shift your focus to the hues of the sky. While keeping your focus on the sky pay attention to the immediate outline of the tree. Repeat viewing the center of the tree and then the sky if you feel stuck or frustrated. Remember to relax and allow your vision to slightly go out of focus if it needs to. Pay attention to the edge of the tree and the outline of the branches.

You should see an expanded white glow around the perimeter of the tree. You may also see actual energy streaks eminating outward from branches which are similar to those that are seen around the perimeter of the sun during an eclipse. The sun's glow is a good example to explain what can be seen, not only around trees, but in all things.

These exercises are about energy recognition and awareness. It is not a matter of simply seeing it or knowing it is there by scientific means, but the lesson is learning to apply this knowledge to everyday life. As we have discovered throughout this web site, all things in our environment are composed of and emit energy. To take it one step further, people and pets pick up and respond to the energy that is around them. (This interaction is demonstrated throughout the Inner Wisdoms web section which is the reason to understand the basic concepts of energy along with energy interactions that are invisible communication system of the body and mind.)

Love and Light,

writing ammended January 2007 for the "Articles Section"